Roasted carrots and dukkah eggs on toast

This roasted carrots and dukkah eggs on toast recipe was inspired by my first visit to Trove a few weeks back, the café/bakery located out in Levenshulme. Many people have recommended to me, but to be honest I’d just written it off as ‘just another brunch place.’ Boy was I wrong.

Trove’s food mainly revolves around stuff on bread. I mean, it’s a bakery, so why wouldn’t it? But don’t be silly and dismiss it like I did. Their combinations and layering of flavours are imaginative and subtle. As I visited on a Sunday I picked up an amazing molasses wholemeal for half price (they don’t bake on Sunday, so it’s Saturday’s bread, but it keeps for almost a week!) and it inspired me to make my own version of ‘stuff on bread’.

I love dukkah; smoky, nutty, salty it’s ever so moreish and when combined with sweet carrots, hummus and an egg to soften everything, it’s the thing that brings it all together and takes the dish from standard comfort food to whisking you away to warmer, sunnier climes – love it when food does that. The recipe for the dukkah can be found here and makes more than you need for this recipe. It will keep for a week or two – but good luck eking it out that long.

This recipe is a great for an impressive, yet light dinner or easy lunch where you don’t want to do much cooking. And you really do need to use ‘proper’ bread here, packet stuff just won’t give you the texture you need.

Roasted carrots and dukkah eggs on toast

Feeds 2 – cook 30 min – prep 10 min


4 medium carrots

3 tblsp honey*

2 tblsp light oil (I use a light olive oil for roasting)

Salt and pepper

2 big slices of wholemeal bread

Hummus (shop bought is fine)**

One lemon, cut in half

4 large eggs (at room temperature)

5 tblsp dukkah



  1. Heat the oven to 180 and peel the carrots. Cut them in half length ways, and then cut them in half length ways again. Pop into a roasting dish and cover in the honey, oil, salt and pepper. Make sure they’re all covered and then pop them in the oven for thirty minutes.
  2. Whilst the carrots are cooking make the dukkah – you can find the recipe here.
  3. Once the dukkah is made, and five minutes before the carrots are done, cut yourself two thick slices of bread and toast. Whilst the toast is toasting, pop a pan of water on to boil.
  4. Pop four eggs into post and while they’re cooking, top the toast with hummus and place the carrots on top, spooning over any lovely honey sauce from the pan. Squeeze lemon over the carrots.
  5. When the eggs are ready lift out with a slotted spoon to get rid of any excess water and place on top of the carrots. Sprinkle dukkah over everything and serve some extra dukkah on the side for dipping.

*Use maple syrup and omit the eggs if you want to make this vegan.

** You can replace the hummus with labneh for a fresher, sharper version – you might just need to omit the lemon juice to get the balance right.