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  1. Hi Sarah,
    My name is Gareth and I’m a perpetual thinker, I’m awfully sorry but. . . . I’ve come to wondering why take away food is prodomantly foreign based. Whether it be a Turkish kebab or the age old Chinese or Indian meal. I’m thinking why doesn’t the north west of England, with its many different choices of traditional cuisines, provide a fast food alternative. With its stews and one pot ideas being both an economical and a time efficient alternative to the norm of the now traditional, phone for, foods of pizza’s and the rest.

    My girlfriend has learned to cook from her now deceased grandmother. This has provided me with many both palatable and nutritious meals that I feel would please the local masses (I reside in St. Helens).

    I would be more than interested in opening a dialogue on this subject matter and gaining your thoughts on why we make do with the status quo when our own (Lancashire based) meals are just as satisfying and probably more nutritious then what dominates the fast food high street.

    Thanks for taking the time to read my rambles

    Gareth Twist

    1. Hi Gareth – I think as the world becomes more connected (travel, social media, internet), we see and want to try different things. Humans, as a species, are curious old creatures and we have a love of the new. TBH I love all cuisines – the exotic, to the local and think all need to be celebrated. I often use ‘traditional’ recipes or techniques and then blend them flavours from around the world. For example, I love spicy food, but we don’t get much of that (traditionally) in the North West. I believe in cooking and eating that excites you – whether that’s a cottage pie (one of my faves) to chicken shawarma and anything in between. Local food needs to be celebrated and I think you’ll find many writers and restaurants are now doing that. But it’s good to have options for when you need something a little bit different! Kudos on your GF cooking – why don’t you guess open the discussion properly and start your own blog? Sx

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