Kowloon Correspondents’ Club – Barton Arcade, Manchester

Them Liquorists, Manchester’s self-styled sauce slingers, tellers of tall tales and the purveyors of the most innovative/high class bar crawls I’ve ever been on, have done it again.

This time they’ve only gone and got themselves a proper bloody bar in Manchester city centre, which has popped up for the next two months to serve you beautifully crafted Belvedere cocktails (guess who they’ve partnered with…), an injection of oriental glamour and, as they informed me the other night, ‘to get a bit of our luxury into your mouths,’ – a phrase which works somewhat better when you see the (lecherous) faces they pulled with that.

To bring you the Kowloon Correspondents Club, The Liquorists have taken over a unit in the graceful, victorian Barton Arcade mall. Barton Arcade has been one of my favourite architectural gems since I first moved to Manchester twelve years ago and unfortunately has become a little underused these days, so it’s great to see people using it again in a creative, playful way.

We kicked off our night with a Belvedere masterclass; tasting different expressions of the gin and the brand’s signature Zephyr cocktail (heavy on the pink grapefruit). I’m not going to wax lyrical about the aceness of Belvedere because I’ve done that before, but I will wax on about KCC (as the kids are calling it).

Kowloon serves cocktails made of Belvedere vodka and some other stuff (skillfully) thrown in for good measure. As the staff are all part of The Liquorists you know that they know their stuff and that they know their way around the bar – if you go early, before the rush, they’re also all pretty nice chaps who will explain anything you need to know about the drink you are drinking.

KCC is offering free Belvedere masterclasses so get yourself down there early – not only will you get some free booze, but you’ll learn some knowledge that will make you sound super cool in front of your friends AND it’s genuinely a very fun way to start of an evening.

So pop down to Barton Arcade, marvel at the beautiful victorian engineering and then slip into the moody/cosy/quirky space that is KCC – be quick, it’s only there for a couple of months.

Ps good news – between 5 and 7pm EVERYTHING at the bar is half price. Would be rude not to…

Kowloon Correspondents Club is open Thurs through Sat, 5pm  – midnight.

Kowloon Correspondents Club, Off Deansgate/Off St Anne’s Square, Manchester M3 2BW – Twitter