Alpine Omelette Recipe

Last week I made on omelette. No big deal I hear you say… except I haven’t made one since I left home (almost 20 years ago…). Frittata, tortilla, other egg based dishes – yes. Omelette, no. But, after realising that I had nothing bar eggs, spinach and kimchi I watched a few YouTube videos (yes, I’m a millennial, it’s how I learn about the world) and knocked up an omelette. OMG! Yep, converted.

Around the time of this gastronomic revelation, Love Cheese of York sent me a box of delicious cheese to try, and asked me to develop for a recipe from for their first ever #LoveCheeseChallenge. Once again working from home and finding myself short of anything other than eggs, pancetta and the end of a jar of sauerkraut, I knocked this little beauty up. It’s smoky from the pancetta, tangy from cheese and sharp from kraut – all together it’s a protein packed hike through the Alps.

This was going to be my entry to the Love Cheese competition. Instead I knocked up some blue cheese and pumpkin pasties instead, recipe here.

NB for this omelette I used Lancaster Smokehouse smoked Tuscan smoked pancetta, which is an amazing product. Not too over-smoked, but with a good dump of herbs. If you don’t have Lancaster Smokehouse pancetta, replace with the same amount of regular smoked pancetta, 1/4 tsp of dried thyme and a quick grate of nutmeg. Or just use some smoked pancetta as it’ll still be delish anyways.

Alpine omelette
Serves one – prep five minutes – cook fifteen minutes

50g smoked pancetta or bacon lardons, diced (see note above)
½ tbsp butter (if needed)
Three eggs, beaten
Salt and freshly ground pepper
30g Summerfield Alpine (replace with Gruyere or Comte), grated finely
A big heap of sauerkraut (I use Hello Pure)

1. Put a medium frying pan over a medium heat and add the pancetta to the cold pan. Once the pancetta has browned and the fat has rendered out, take out of the pan (but leave all the lovely pancetta oil in – you’ll need it for cooking your omelette).
2. Beat the eggs in a bowl until completely combined. Season.
3. If there isn’t enough oil in the pan add the butter and wait till it’s melted, add the eggs and cook. Once the eggs start setting, pull the outside of the egg into the middle of the pan, swirl the pan to move liquid egg into the space left – do this a few times until most of the egg is set. If this sounds like double dutch, check out this video of Jamie Oliver explaining it better than I can.
4. Once the egg has almost completely set, with only a small amount of translucence on the top, turn off the heat and run a spatula under the omelette to make sure it’s free of the bottom of the pan.
5. To half of the omelette add the cheese, pancetta and kraut (in that order), then fold, pop on your plate and eat! If you want to make more of a meal of this, then serve with dressed watercress or steamed broccoli.
6. Enjoy!