This blog is my adventure through food and is a motley collection of recipes, reviews and other ramblings. As with all content I create, this blog is my copyright, so please don’t reproduce anything from here without asking me first (don’t worry, I don’t bite).

As well as this cornucopia of cooking related content, I write all manner of content and copy for other people, so if you like my style then do get in touch: noshcreatives@gmail.com or badger me socially: Twitter @northwestnosh, Linked in: Sarah Tarmaster.

Check out the following articles that I’ve written for other people here:

Group On City Guide

Bringing together a collection of Manchester based bloggers and journalists to bring you the best Manchester has to offer in food, drink, culture and things to do.

My articles:

Manchester’s Best Brunches

My Love for Liquor

Cash, Cheque, Credit Card – Small Plates

Cuckoo for Cake

Nothing Beats Street Eats

Hunting out a Hidden Gem

Manchester’s Real Ale Tales

Where to Find Wild Food in Manchester Without the Wellies

Burgers are for Veggies too



An eclectic collection of sommiliers, bloggers, writers and winos who love food and a good drink to go with it.

My articles:

Strawberries and Fizz

Smoak, Malmaisson Manchester

Hanging Ditch Wines, Manchester

Apricot and Thyme Tart

Bourbon’s not boring!

Spicy Beef Noodle Soup

Wear Your Wine! MicroBe Wine Material Technology

Clam, Fennel and Pancetta Linguine

Confessions of a wine buyer – don’t lose your independents

Top ten tips for the kitchen clueless

Mackeral en papillote

Five best coffee shops in Manchester


Northern Quarter Manchester

A website dedicated to all things brilliant in the Northern Quarter of Manchester – food, drink, shopping, listings etc

My articles:

Demdike Stare at the Kraak Gallery, Manchester

Trof NQ’s Bourbon Bar, Manchester

Tea and Cake at Teacup, Manchester

What’s on – Dirty Dogs are Hot

Almost Famous Burgers

What’s on – Pig Out

Northern Quarter Takeover – Bank Holiday Weekend

Home comforts at Home Sweet Home

Piggy, porky, porn at Almost Famous Pig Out



Manchester’s Finest

What it says on the tin – a collection of the best that Manchester has to offer including Eats, Drinks, Clubs, Pubs, News and more

My articles

Deaf Institute and Brew Dog Beer Competition

The Sweet Taste of Success with Sweet Mandarin



Dedicated magazine for the street food trade.

Guerrilla Eats debuts in Manchester City Centre

I’m not PR unfriendly, but after a couple of years of health issues and because I’m bored of naval gazing, I’m moving away from writing restaurant and product reviews; unless you’ve got something that really fits the readership of this blog (regional, seasonal, independent, ethical, yadda, yadda) I’m probably not going to take you up on your lovely kind offer of sending me free shiz.
In addition, please note:

  • I don’t accept all freebies; I will accept if they fit the readership and theme of the blog.
  • If I receive something for free, I’ll make a point of mentioning the fact that it’s free.
  • I only write truthful accounts of what I have experienced – if I have a bad experience I will say so, just because something is free does not mean I will be positive (however I will mention this to you first and write critically but constructively).
  • I control all content on my blog. There’s no PR sign off/content control and I won’t take a post down just because someone isn’t happy with it; however, if I’ve made a genuine mistake (eg spelling, factually incorrect or broken web link), I’ll correct it.
  • I don’t accept advertising or paid for content on my blog – my blog is a true representation of my experiences and not an advertorial for your brand.
  • If you invite me to your restaurant, I will mark you harsher than places I just pop in to – sounds unfair? Well, you know I’m there so you have the opportunity to create the best food you’ve ever cooked.

The above list isn’t meant to put any brand, artisan, food lover or general purveyor off, I’m just up front about what my blog is about and what you can expect. Get in touch – I always love to chat food and booze with everyone and anyone under the sun.

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