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Hanger steak with green olive tapenade sauce

Hanger steak, or onglet as it’s sometimes called, is not normally a cut I cook with. I’ve ordered it plenty of times at restaurants, but I’m more likely to stick to a cut I know if I’m at the butchers. Taken from the centre of a cow it’s a muscle that does nothing more than…

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A warm salad of lamb, asparagus and root veg

It’s asparagus season, which can only mean one thing, I’m going to spend the next month eating as much as the stuff I can get and consuming copious amounts of butter in the process. I’m quite a traditionalist when it comes to asparagus. I like it British and I like it in butter. Ever since…

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Blue cheese and pumpkin pasties #lovecheesechallenge

I love this time of year. Born in October, I’m a true autumn child. To this day I still collect conkers, marvelling at their shiny, marbled sheen that turns…

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